All processing plants – August and September

Lonmin’s processing plants collectively embarked on a National Safety Day in line with the Minerals Council Safety and Health initiative during the months of August and September 2018. Most employees and contractors attended the road shows. Fatal Risk Control Protocol (FRCP) requirements and challenges were discussed and the different FRCP’s were on display. Employees all took part in the safety pledges encouraging them to work safely and watch out for each other. Emergency services simulated a rescue operation and emergency preparedness code of practice and manuals were presented.

An AMCU representative summed up safety as follows: “Let’s not complicate is as easy as ABC, Always Be Careful, that’s it!”

Arthur Kgatlane, General Manager told employees that: “No job is that important that it cannot be done safely. Viva Safety Viva!”

4B Shaft – 8, 15 and 22 September 2018

Employees gathered together at all levels within their sections, where they were addressed by management, health and safety structures and an AMCU representative on Lonmin’s 4B Shaft safety and health in mining days. The various line supervisors also addressed employees. Concerns from the employees were brought into the discussions and were addressed y. On completion of the safety talks and discussions at the stations all the employees, line supervisors and guest speakers proceeded to the work areas. Comprehensive entry examinations were conducted and all deviations within work areas were identified and rectified.

Safety pledges and team declarations were signed by the various teams, while planned task observations and coaching sessions were conducted by the line supervisors.

Hossy Shaft – 3 November 2018

Lonmin’s Hossy Shaft’s safety and health in mining day consisted of interaction between employees and management on safety issues in the industry. The day also sought to rectify deviations in safety by Lonmin employees. To solidify this, each employee signed a safety commitment declaration.

Benedict Bosman, safety manager used water as an example of why focusing on safety is so important saying: “Safety is like sweeping water uphill, it never stops running down so you can never stop sweeping up.”

Saffy Shaft – Marikana East Platinum – 3 November 2018

Lonmin’s Saffy Shaft’s safety and health in mining day was opened by Vice President, Rodney Opperman, where he discussed current safety trends as well as key focus areas and concerns around safety and health. Concern around industry fatalities was raised, and all employees were encouraged to work safer – for themselves and their colleagues. Leadership competencies and experience in the industry was highlighted as being a concern in the recent spate of mine fatalities. It was stressed to Lonmin employees that their health and safety should be their first priority.

Opperman stated, “Our safety representatives need to take charge of their work areas.”

He also urged employees to exercise their right to withdraw from dangerous work places.

Rowland Shaft – 20 October 2018

The Rowland Shaft safety and health day started with the handing out of gifts at the shaft and then the employees proceeded to the Wonderkop Stadium. At the stadium several speakers from across all stakeholders delivered key note addresses, including Lucky Mnisi, Vice President and Andile Sovendile from AMCU. Employees were given numbers which were randomly selected and called to the podium where prizes were handed out.

The day was closed off with all employees returning to their various sections and a safety pledge was signed before everybody enjoyed a braai.