Glencore Coal hosted a series of health and safety days in September and October, across all the operations in Mpumalanga as part of an initiative launched by the Minerals Council South Africa to improve safety performance across the industry. The executive team shared with the employees and contractors the company’s safety performance and lessons learned from incidents that may cause fatal harm. Together with the union representatives, they emphasised the importance of working safely and encouraged everyone to make a commitment to the business, themselves and their families to work safe and return home safe.

In keeping with our slogan “SafeWork leads to SafeCoal”, employees were encouraged to recommit to the SafeWork programme’s nine life-saving behaviours by signing the SafeWork commitment booklets distributed on the day. The events included entertainment from local gumboot dancers and industrial theatre performed by employees.

In demonstrating that zero harm is possible, two of our operations rewarded their longest serving employees at the mine who had a clean safety record coupled with great attendance. At our iMpunzi operations, one of our employees was rewarded for working at Glencore for 37 years with only one day of absence during this time.

“For zero harm to be a reality, it requires our commitment to make a difference and ensure the culture of safety is deeply rooted within us. We need to eliminate incidents by following our fatal hazard protocols and living our life-saving behaviours to achieve our goal of mining and producing SafeCoal. The success of these programmes is dependent on each one following safety and health procedures as well as the reporting of unsafe conditions,” said Allan Butcher, Glencore Coal’s General Manager of Operational Excellence at the Middleburg Complex safety day.