On 28 September 2018 Tharisa Minerals (Tharisa) showed their commitment towards safety and health and hosted a national safety day. The Department of Mineral Resources (DMR), Mine Health and Safety Council (MHSC) and Tharisa Minerals executives were in attendance with speeches delivered by Tharisa CEO, Phoevos Poroulis; DMR Senior Inspector of Mines, Clifford Dlamini; Tharisa Operations Director, Hans van Wyk and Tharisa Minerals Head of Sustainable Development, Derek Baker. 

The sirens were sounded at 10am followed by a minute of silence at the entire mine in remembrance of the lives that have been lost in the mining industry. MHSC’s Renee Joubert then presented an award to the mine Process Manager for their 4,000 fatality-free production shifts achieved.

The day ended with visible felt leadership presentations by the various head of departments focused on safety and health critical risks and their associated controls. These safety and health messages were recorded and displayed on screens across the mine.

The DMR Senior Inspector of Mines, Clifford Dlamini, said: “Let us go as leaders … lead, push, talk and walk safety and produce safely.”

Tharisa CEO, Phoevos Poroulis, concluded: “We have made a commitment to ourselves as individuals as well as a community to strive for the zero harm statistic.”