Target hosted about 1300 employees at the Target BBS Centre. The crowd was very vibrant, engaged and very involved. Employees at Target even produced their own play focusing on the Thibakotsi character (Safety character) along with the already planned industrial theatre highlighting issues of safety and health. Employees were encouraged to assess their health regularly and Tom van den Berg emphasized the fact that SLAM cards should be used by employees to stop work if unsafe environments.

“At Harmony both your families at work and home are the most important aspect in ensuring that we live Longer, work safely and take care of our health. So I encourage you all to work safe and stay healthy.” - RGM, Francois van Rensburg.

Key speakers:

  • DMR – Tefo Phahla, Senior Inspector of Mines
  • Organised labour
  • CEO, Peter Steenkamp
  • COO, Beyers Nel
  • Health Executive, Dr. Tumi Legobye
  • Safety and Technology Executive, Thomas van den Berg


Harmony Gold Mining Company hosted safety days across all operations in October, spreading the Zero Harm mandate far and wide to all employees.

Each of the days were filled with entertainment performances such as dancers, and an industrial theatre shows highlighting the importance of safety. The performances and speeches were all done in line with the Minerals Council safety mandate. Employees were also encouraged to participate in certain health tests, to help prevent serious illnesses at a later stage in life, and were encouraged to test for the top 5 diseases that may affect them including prostate and cervical cancer. They were also reminded about the importance of working safely and managing their health so that they return home to their families and communities.

To incentivise safety, question and answer rounds were held and employees could win spot prizes such as LED TVs, microwave ovens and cellphones if they answered questions on safety correctly.

“Harmony’s approach to safety is in line with our number one value of safety. This is a moral imperative and we’re on an uncompromising goal to achieve Zero Harm. Our employees must go back to their families and communities unharmed on a daily basis.” said Peter Steenkamp, CEO of Harmony Gold.