On 11 September 2018 African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) hosted their first annual Safety and Health day at their Nkomati Nickel Mine near Machadodorp in Mpumalanga. ARM Platinum Division Operations Executive Vusi Khumalo and Michael Marriott, Chief Executive Officer of the JV partner, Norilsk Nickel Africa, attended and spoke about the importance of employees making a commitment to safety.

“We re-emphasise our commitment to ensuring that all our employees and contractors return home to their families and loved ones unharmed and healthy at the end of every shift.” said Khumalo.

“We acknowledge that this cannot be achieved by one person, or one group of persons. It is a task that needs all of us to work together as a collective. Don’t forget, a person can make a difference, a team can make miracles.”

Also speaking on the day were representatives from all labour unions at ARM, as well representatives from the Department of Mineral Resources. The addresses were engaging and meaningful, with labour unions, ARM senior management, the DMR stressing and reinforcing the importance of safety and their commitment to ensuring each employees returns home safe.

After the speeches, speakers and guest speakers were called to sign a safety pledge while drummers entertained employees. The signing of the pledge symbolised the commitment to safety by all stakeholders and employees.

ARM has committed to hosting annual safety days at all its operations, with the intention of keeping the importance of safety fresh in the minds of all employees.