Bauba held our safety and health day on the 11th of September 2018, shutting down our operations to focus on the urgency of safety in mining.

Bauba believe that the men and women who arrive at work each day are just as important as the families they go home to, who’s lives rely heavily on the safe return of their family members.

On this day, we focused on the general safety of all mine workers, the right to leave an unsafe environment, accountability and respect toward our fellow colleagues, and nutrition in the home.

In preparation for the event, a large wall was erected and a local artist commissioned to paint a safety mural at the entrance of the main operation. This, we believe, will serve as a reminder every day of the comradery shown during our event and the pledges taken to work toward the target of zero harm.

A private space was also set up which included posters, information booklets and nurses to encourage the education and testing of HIV-AIDS and TB. This area was open to anyone wanting to be tested.

The day began with a gumboot dance and beautiful singing by a group of students from the Morwaswi Secondary School based in our neighbouring community, Tsibeng. They were followed by an amazing group of dancers known as the Lady Dancers, also based in the Tsibeng community. A local rap group called Peace Gang came out from Polokwane and were thoroughly entertaining as they closed the acts for the day.

On a more serious note, Bauba’s CEO, Nick van der Hoven and General Manager, Mario Gericke, both spoke about the importance of safety and health in mining. Sicelo Khumalo from Umsizi gave a talk about nutrition in the home environment, encouraging the growing of vegetables and eating well to promote personal health.

Once the speeches were done, all 430 employees, guests and friends of the mine, lined up to sign the wall and pledge their commitment to the target of zero harm in mining. This was by far the most powerful moment of the day as every single person waited in line for their turn to sign their name and take the pledge – this was a true show of unity for our vision of zero harm.

The safety day ended with a braai for all to enjoy, to spend time together as a team and reflect on the significance of the day.