Sasol Mining operates one of the largest underground coal complexes in the world which includes six mines in South Africa at which a safety and health day was observed on Wednesday 19 September 2018.

Lucky Kgatle, Senior Vice President of Sasol Mining said: “The purpose of today’s safety and health day is to re-emphasise our commitment as a company to zero harm, reflect on our past performance and engage on ways in which we can improve our safety numbers.” 

This day is about engaging with employees and contractors about our commitment and responsibility of ensuring that each person goes back to their families unharmed, after every shift, and every day”.

The following six Sasol Mining essentials for safe production were re-emphasized at the event:

  • Engage people
  • Planning of each activity
  • Competency
  • Risk assessment
  • Compliance
  • Supervision

We also launched our Sasol Mining life-saving rules to further ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

Employee wellness was also addressed with the reminder that ‘being well makes you a safe and productive employee’. Sasol Mining runs an employee wellness programme which offers a range of support services to employees including medical aid, lifestyle disease screening, 24-hour support line and SMS number, counselling, legal advice, trauma support, financial planning and debt counselling and retirement benefits and guidance.

Kgatle shared how deeply disheartening it was for him and the Sasol Mining employees to have lost five colleagues since December 2017 to date at our underground operations. “We have to safeguard ourselves first and the team we work with. We have to think of how much impact loss of life has to the families of the deceased and their children as well as the communities in general,” he added.   

Kgatle concluded by urging Sasol Mining employees and contractors to action by stating: “If you can’t do it safely, don’t do it, because we care.”