Glencore Ferroalloys’ health and safety days on 12, 13, 19 and 27 September 2018 were incorporated into our monthly mass meeting which included the entire workforce. After a recent fatality in the group our theme focused on “every worker returning home unharmed at the end of every day”. Another key aspect we highlighted was understanding the ripples of loss what impact and the consequences an injury/disease or fatality has on the people in one’s life.

Attending the health and safety day was compulsory for all employees including those working underground. We commenced the day with a prayer, followed by a moment of silence as well as a remembrance video of the people who have lost their lives in the mining industry over in the last 12 months (the video was supplied by Mine Safe).

This was followed by an address by the General Manager/Mine Manager from each mine. The key point of the address was to empower employees to exercise their right to refuse dangerous work. Some examples of teams/individuals who successfully exercised this right and prevented incidents were shared. Our commitment to zero harm was emphasised with examples of our own mines that have achieved one-year free of injury..

The safety and health videos from the Mine Health and Safety Council and the Minerals Council South Africa were played after which every employee was encouraged to recommit to our milestones by signing a pledge.

The Safety & Health Day in Mining 2018 posters were issued to various sections to be posted in their respective waiting areas. Every employee was also given a hard hat sticker to show his/her personal commitment to safety and health.

General Manager, Richard Vermeulen, emphasized that each employee needed to recommit to zero harm saying: “If you cannot do it for yourself, do it for your loved ones at home.”

“Today I want to reward two employees in Rig 50 Strike 5, Panel 2 for identifying an unsafe geological feature and halting the work as a result, barricading the area and reporting the condition to the other miners in the area. This is true empowerment and I want to implore everyone here today that if it is not safe stop work.”