Northam’s Zondereinde mine held its national day of safety and health on 12 September 2018 within the Minerals Council’s guidelines. The event was attended by the mine’s tripartite stakeholders including employees.

The day kicked off with a ‘soup day’ for all employees at the various departments including underground employees completing their night shift. Industrial theatre followed at the main walkway, with Radio Vuka and various safety and health communications aired throughout the day on the shaft TVs.

The different mine departments held various activities with a focus on safety and health such as:

  • Workplace safety meetings with line supervisors in attendance
  • Emergency safety drills
  • Various MOSH and early workplace examinations with the different teams
  • Safety inspections of various work spaces
  • The audit of various safety equipment e.g. seismic warming system, refuge chambers, ventilation doors, the relevant pillars, escape ways and plans, seismic mapping and compliance, robot system, conveyor belts, emergency generators, signatures in the control room, etc. with findings and remedial actions logged

There were also voluntary health tests carried out at the medical station in the shaft area.