DRDGOLD, through our operating entity, Ergo Mining Proprietary Limited (Ergo), set aside 11 to 14 September 2018 to commemorate the safety and health day at each of our operations as follows:

11 and 12 September – Ergo
13 September – City Deep
14 September – Knights

All employees and contractors were encouraged to take part in the day and were reminded that safety and health considerations are important every day and not just on the days set aside.

The area manager at each plant addressed employees regarding safety and health during scheduled sessions. Employees then gathered in front of the Safety Pledge wall of each operation and were reminded of the pledge each had made previously by imprinting their hand on the wall: I commit myself to safety first and always. Each employee was then given an opportunity to find their hand print on the wall and recommit to this pledge. Employees also received a safety and health hard hat sticker to show their commitment to the safety pledge. SMSes were sent out to all employees as a reminder of the pledge.

A safety pocket book which is a summarised version of our company procedures was issued to each employee. This booklet easily fits into an overall jacket pocket and is to be used as a reference tool.

A wellness programme was also run on the days whereby various services were offered to employees as follows:

  • HIV voluntary counselling and testing
  • Pap smears  (Ergo operation)
  • Prostate testing (Ergo Operation)
  • TB screening and health talk
  • Optometrist

In addressing the employees at the various operations on the safety and health days, area managers at each operation had this to say:

Geoff Pollock: “In order to reinforce the theme behind today’s safety talk we are issuing to all employees a specially printed safety pocket book to help all with a quick reference guide to the main rules, regulations and procedures that govern our safety awareness on the plant. I appeal to all to read through the booklet and refresh your memories on these topics which are used in our daily activities. We can once again reach excellence on this mine if we are all prepared to walk the talk like we did when we made our safety pledge earlier in the year. We have the calibre of people here to make it happen so lets us all do so with a renewed focus and determination.”

Danny Hitge: “Although City Deep has had a good run we must not become complacent.  We must create a culture of awareness towards safety and be like a light switch, and always be switched on and expect the next accident around the corner so that we can prevent it.  Safety is not just management’s responsibility but every single person. It’s also every person’s right to come to work safely and go home safely in the afternoon.”

Josiah Tshisevhe: “Your life, your health and your safety comes first - the rest can follow.”