Starting on the dates below August saw the kick-off (start) of Petra Diamond’s Health and Safety Initiatives at all their SA operations lead by the Group Chief Operating Officer – Mr. Luctor Roode. This specific initiative will run for 6 weeks, after which new initiatives will be introduced to maintain the focus and momentum created by this drive and the message carried by the Group COO - until the 5th of October 2018.

  1. Finsch Diamond Mine – Lime Acres – 27 August 2018
  2. Koffiefontein Diamond Mine – Koffiefontein – 27 August 2018
  3. Cullinan Diamond Mine – Cullinan – 29 August 2018

His message at all operations focused on the importance of individual responsibility and encouraged everyone to recommit to the target of zero Harm. He said “Health and Safety initiatives will not make a difference if we are not prepared to CHANGE OUR BEHAVIOUR. Let us all commit to CHANGE OUR BEHAVIOUR and make the following pledge towards the target of ZERO HARM”

The launch days were supported by mine management, Unions and representatives from the DMR:

  • Chief Operating Officer: Mr. Luctor Roode
  • Group HSEQ Manager: Mr. Charl Barnard
  • General Managers of each mine
  • Representation of the Health and Safety Committee and Unions (NUM, Solidarity & UASA)
  • DMR representation from each provincial office of the Northern Cape, Free Sate and Gauteng

The official launch at each operation mirrored the proceedings of the Minerals Council of South Africa’s National Health and Safety Day launch, which was held on 17 August 2018. The launch included messages from the COO, the Full Time Health and Safety Representative of each mine, the DMR representatives and video messages screened from the CEO of the Minerals Council, the Vice President of the Minerals Council as well as the reaffirmation of the 2014 National Milestones commitments. The DMR Northern Cape & Free State were invited but could not attend whilst the Principal Inspector - Gauteng attended with several senior inspections at the CDM launch.

The national health and safety banners were displayed at all venues, as well as  Petra Diamonds banners and printed pledge banners incorporating all aspects of the national health and safety launch theme as well as Petra specific core values.

Chief Operating Officer, Luctor Roode focussed on the company’s safety performance trend and reaffirmed the company health and safety core values. Those who have lost their lives were remembered and it was stressed that we remember and learn from these untimely events. He ended his speech by inviting all employees to recommit to the safety pledge together; “I will live Petra’s Core Value of LET’S DO NO HARM”.

Employees aligned their pledge to the Petra Diamond five finger pledge where each finger represents one aspect of the commitment to Zero Harm -  willpower, leadership, individuality, affection and unity.

Hard hats prepared with stickers from the Minerals Council and Petra Diamond were handed to each of the entourage as a symbol of commitment to the initiative.

Each employee and contractor were also issued with stickers for their hard hats during the mine specific rollouts as a token of commitment to the pledge in achieving Zero Harm

“Let us all unite as a Petra team and take hands to treat one another with care, dignity and respect in our quest to achieve ZERO HARM “

Rollout at the mines
A number of programmes headed by the General Managers and supported by the health and safety committees and unions will be rolled out at all the mines over a six week period. 
The focus will be on the following areas with the aim to proactively review and test the effectiveness and compliance to significant risk controls:

  • Workplace entry, barring, making safe and declaring safe procedures.
  • Safe working at heights practice.
  • Safe lifting and rigging practice.
  • Safe blasting practice.
  • Emergency preparedness and response procedures (fires and flooding/mud).
  • Switching, de-energising and lockout procedures.
  • Safe TMM operations and traffic control.
  • Safety around moving machinery.
  • MHSA Section 22.
  • MHSA Section 23.

A follow up drive by the CEO/COO is planned to commence shortly after the completion of the on mine specific health and safety initiatives; “Leadership is the ability to inspire others, learn more, do more and move beyond mediocracy”