Barberton mines, a subsidiary of Pan African Resources, hosted the launch of their safety campaign on 23 August 2018. The launch also celebrated the fact that there have been no fatalities any Barberton Mines’ shafts over the last 12 month period.

The theme  of the safety campaign is “score a goal for safety” - using the much loved game of soccer as a way to reaffirm the company’s commitment to zero harm and ensuring that all employees will return home from work safely at the end of each day. Senior mine management, mine supervisors and overseers from all sections attended the launch day. The focus was on building relationships and effective leadership strategies and a motivational speech around this theme was given by Neels from Radio Laeveld.

The day was a great success and a safety pledge was signed by the management team and all stakeholders. Barberton Mines’ Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Group Manager, Mandla Ndlozi, said that the recommitment to safety was much more than a single day; “Today, we are also commemorating our 100-million fatality free shifts. We have worked 12 months and 135 days without sustaining any fatalities or serious injuries.”

He continued; “On this day, as we launch the safety and health day campaign, we publicity commit ourselves to our goal of scoring a goal for safety. This means that all our employees must go to work with the knowledge and expectation that they will return home, every day, safely and unharmed.”

The month long safety campaign will focus on various themes each week as outlined below:

Risk Assessment
Roadshow to explain what Risk Management is all about, and how it is implemented. Focus areas:

  • Entry examination and effective barring to prevent Fall of Grounds
  • Conduct pre-work risk assessment to prevent any incidents/accidents

Safety Department to visit crew/sections for a peer review.
Review of critical safety management systems
Roadshow to explain what critical safety management systems are in place at Barberton mines, and how they address risk management.
Focus areas:

  • Code of practices (COP)
  • Standard operating procedures

Safety department to review and audit the systems

Health Systems
Roadshow: fit for work, fit for life, fit for purpose
Focus areas:
“Big Seven Diseases”

  • HIV/AIDS, TB, Hypertension, Diabetes, Noise, Silicosis and Sporothricosis

Emergency Preparedness
“Safety as a way of life”

  • Fire, flooding, power failure, explosion, gases and armed illegal miners
  • Evacuation procedure
  • Refuge bays
  • Self-contained, self- rescuer (SCSR)