On 20 August 2018 we began our AngloGold Ashanti safety initiative at Mponeng Mine, our only remaining underground mine in South Africa. The safety improvement initiative process began in July and follows a bottom up approach. We aim to conclude the process with a tripartite engagement summit by the end of September

Our safety initiative aims to engage meaningfully with all the different work levels on the mine by way of a “Safety Summit” in an effort to obtain their views on safety improvements. The planned engagements will start with the mine Health and Safety Committee and the establishment of a Safety Task team.

To kick off there will be a drive to gather information from all levels of the organisation on how they believe we can improve safety. These levels include:

  • Crew on the face
  • Safety representatives
  • Miners/Artisans
  • Shift bosses and foremen
  • Services departments
  • Contractor employees
  • Horizontal and vertical transport departments
  • Front line managers
  • Managers and Engineers

The information gathered will then be analysed taking into account all the different viewpoints and the work teams actual experiences and insight.

The final stretch of the Safety Summit will include engagement with work team members, organised labour and the DMR. This will enable us to supplement and enhance our current Safe Production Strategy going forward. At the end of the third quarter in September the outcomes of the Safety Summit will be announced to all employees at a mass meeting.

Implementation and the on-going monitoring of the enhanced safety strategy will then follow.