Miners in safety gear

The 2018 campaign

National Day of Safety and Health in Mining 2018

In August 2018, the Minerals Council launched the National Day of Safety and Health in Mining campaign. The launch signalled the start of a month-long initiative for member and non-member companies to publicly and visibly reaffirm their commitments to health and safety. Over the course of the month that followed, 93 health and safety days were hosted at operations around the country.

The campaign was effective in a number of different ways. In the first instance, it brought several different parties together – management, employees, unions, suppliers and the inspectorate – and united them before a common goal. Secondly, it demonstrated the forum’s unambiguous stance that the deteriorating safety trend at the time was unacceptable, and its unwavering commitment to spearheading meaningful transformation in this space. Collaboration, collective learning and knowledge sharing became commonplace. And finally, the initiative saw concerted engagement with employees at every level, in every sector, and at operations across the country. It demonstrated an industry-wide cohesion that was absolutely critical to its success.

The CEO Zero Harm Forum launched Khumbul’ekhaya in 2019 to further the objectives of the National Day of Safety and Health in Mining

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